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Faculty of Social Science

The Faculty of Social Science includes eight departments:

Department of Anthropology,

Department of Economics,

Department of Education,

Department of English,

Department of Geography,

Department of Hindi,

Department of History, and

Department of Political Science.

All the departments offer Major course in Six-Semester Course Schedule.

Department of Commerce

The department of commerce follows the Six-semester course Schedule. The department of commerce offers Major courses in Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and  Marketing Management.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science includes five departments:

Department of Botany,

Department of Chemistry,

Department of Mathematics,

Department of Physics and

Department of Zoology.

All the departments offer Major course in the Six-Semester course Schedule. The departments are equipped with interactive classrooms & computer centers in addition to the standard laboratories.


Welcome to the Anthropology Department

About the Department:

Department of Anthropology in Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar was formally started on 16 August 2018 with the joining of two Guest Faculties namely, Mr. Tame Ramya (Tarh) and Dr. Ratna Tayeng as Assistant Professors. Although the formal teachings of Anthropology in Arunachal Pradesh  started in Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh (2001), Saint Claret College, Ziro (2004), Apex Professional University, Pasighat (2014), and Saint Francis De Sales College, Aalo (2016); yet, the Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar is the first and the only government college to offer the course.

The Anthropology Programme at DNGC is committed to enhancing student knowledge and appreciation of human beings as both a biological and a cultural species. Emphasizing a holistic approach, the programme offers courses in each of the four traditional sub-fields of anthropology (socio-cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeological anthropology, and linguistic anthropology) and provides students with proven conceptual and methodological tools for observing and studying human collectivities, both ancient and modern. Overall, the programme aims to foster appreciation of human difference, past and present, as well as attune students to the relationship between daily individual realties and larger social institutions at the local, national, and global levels. Given this foundation, the overarching goal of DNGC’s Department of Anthropology is to prepare students for future life experiences, whether personal, professional, or educational, in increasingly diverse and multicultural social environments.

About the Discipline:

Anthropology is devoted to the study of human beings and human societies as they exist across time and space. It encompasses all of humanity as well as our closest primate relatives, from the earliest prehistoric human ancestors to the varied societies inhabiting the world today. It is distinct from other social sciences in encompassing both the full span of human history and the full range of human societies and cultures, including those located in historically marginalized areas of the world. As a result, anthropology is especially attuned to questions of social, cultural, and biological diversity and to issues of power, identity, and inequality. Education in Anthropology provides excellent preparation for living and working in a multicultural and globally interconnected world. It equips students for careers in a wide range of fields, including law, medicine, business, public service, environmental sustainability, and resource management, etc. A number of academic anthropologists find careers in other departments or university programmes, such as schools of medicine, epidemiology, public health, ethnic studies, cultural studies, community or area studies, linguistics, education, ecology, cognitive psychology, and neural science.


  1. Dr. Ratna Tayeng, M.A., Ph.D. (HoD) View Profile
  2. Ms. Gopi Riba, M.Sc. B.Ed. View Profile


Welcome to the Physics Department

The department of physics was established in July, 2001 aiming to cultivate scientific outlook and for the advancement of science and technology in the region. During the course of B.Sc (PCM) the department offers the study of mathematical and computational physics, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, solid state physics, electronic and communication, atomics and nuclear physics, statistical mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism, heat and thermodynamics. For developing interest, skill and practical knowledge of the subject, the department is well equipped with well furnished laboratories (electronic laboratory, optics laboratory and general laboratory) and smart room for smart classes. To contribute to the understanding of experimental and theoretical physics, research laboratory with sophisticated instruments focusing on various areas of research such as material science, nanoscience and theoretical physics have been developed. The students are actively participating in research work and paper presentations. Also, the faculties are actively involved in various research projects funded by UGC.


Ms. Bandana Gogoi, M.Sc, M.Phil. (HOD) View Profile
Dr. Hage Doley, M.Sc View Profile
Dr. Gyati Tachang Tado, M.Sc View Profile
Dr. Nabaratna Bhagawati, M.Sc. Ph.D. View Profile


Welcome to the Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department of Dera Natung Government College takes pride in being among the best Departments for the Study of Mathematics at the Undergraduate level in the state. It has a glorious past. Renowned mathematicians of state like Dr. Taja Yaying and Dr. K.K. Rai are its faculty. The teaching methodology combines standard methods of college education - lectures, tutorials, practical in Mathematical software, written assignments, tests and student presentations. The Department believes in balancing academics with Co-Curricular activities.


Dr. K.K.Rai, M.Sc, Ph.D (HOD)
Dr. Taja Yaying M.Sc, Ph.D View Profile
Mr. Botem Moyong, M.Sc. View Profile
Mr. Goke Riji, M.Sc. View Profile


Welcome to the Chemistry Department

Chemistry department offers world-class teaching, consistently rated best department among the students. Students study a six semester course, a unique feature of which is spending their final year working on a laboratory based project.


Mr. N. Pramanik, M.Sc. (HOD) View Profile
Dr. Bhupesh Kr. Mishra, M.Sc, Ph.D View Profile
Ms. Mimik Nyodu, M.Sc. View Profile



Welcome to the Zoology Department

The department of Zoology, Dera Natung Govt. College was established in the year 2001 and the pass course in zoology was introduced during the session 2001-2002. The Honours course in Zoology was introduced during the session 2004-2005. The new Semester system was introduced during the session 2013-14. The founder head of the department was Mr. T. P. Borah. The department has one practical laboratory for the students and a more advanced research laboratory. One instrumentation room houses the major instruments like UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Evon Core Phase contrast research microscope with PC and software, pH meter, water analysis kit, Microphotographic attachments and other instruments. The department has one SMART classroom with ICT and one gallery. The department also has one IT Laboratory, which is used by the members of the parent department as well as students of other departments, especially commerce and mathematics, both for classroom as well as examinations.

The department is continuously producing meritorious and dedicated students. The students of the department have been serving the society as scientists, professors, bureaucrats, health officers, senior teachers and various other capacities. Eminent alumni’s from the department have made their ways into various CSIR laboratories and even to prestigious Mayo Clinic, USA and other reputed organizations. The department has been constantly producing the overall topper (GOLD MEDAL) of the undergraduate (UG) level, among all the colleges of Arunachal Pradesh for 3 (three) consecutive sessions 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.


Dr. P. Nanda, M.Sc,M.Phil, Ph.D (HOD) View Profile
Mr. Bari Dabi, M.Sc View Profile
Dr. H. Sharma, M.Sc, Ph.D View Profile
Dr. Dobiam Narba, M.Sc, Ph.D. View Profile
Dr. Karsing Megu, M.Sc., Ph.D.



Welcome to the Botany Department

Keeping pace with the progress made by Plant science in recent years, the Botany Department's Major courses provides a comprehensive training in identification of Microbes, Cryptogams, Phanerogams, Palaeobotany, Microbiology, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology, Comparative study of Cryptogams, Plant Systematic economy Botany, Cell Biology, Genetics, Evolutions, Environmental Biology and Biostatics, Biochemistry, Biological Techniques, Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. Course work comprises class room lectures, practical and field studies. Possible opportunities that open up after graduation are in the fields of botanical survey, farm management, cellular physiology of plants, eco-botany, florihorticulture, biotechnology and environmental management. The faculty is trained in diverse fields of plant sciences.


Dr. R.K.Mishra, M.Sc, Ph.D (HOD) View Profile
Mrs. A. Tamuk, M.Sc. View Profile
Mr. Joram Muthu, M.Sc (DHTE)
Mrs. Y. Rimo, M.Sc. View Profile
Ms. Priyanka Dutta, M.Sc.
Ms. Ajum Bagang, M.Sc. View Profile


The Department of Commerce of Dera Natung Government College was established in the academic session 1994-95 with the following objectives:

  1. To create for the students of the Dera Natung Government College an avenue for employment in the academics and also to benefit Industry by providing them with suitably trained persons in the field of Accounting & Finance
  2. To prepare students to exploit newly created opportunities in the accounting field.
  3. To provide adequate basic understanding about accounting & financial education to the students.
  4. To give adequate exposure to the operational environment in the field of accounting & finance.
  5. To inculcate training & practical approach by using modern technology amongst the students in the field of Accounting & Finance.

The Commerce Department of Dera Natung Government College creates a stimulating environment for the academic growth of its students and provides them with a thorough understanding of a range of subjects such as business organization, financial accounting, corporate law, economic theory and business communication. The faculty members of the Department are known for their expertise in finance, management and organizational behaviour and impart practical knowledge of the discipline in auditing, company law and income tax. Interwoven into teaching practices is the goal of fostering in students a sense of responsibility towards society, in particular those sections of the population that are underprivileged. In line with this emphasis, the classroom space is democratic and one in which differences in opinions is respected. Most importantly, teachers remain available to students at all times. To foster student learning several initiatives are taken beyond classroom teaching. These include workshops talks, paper presentations and field trips. The department of commerce is well equipped with latest teaching aid technologies.


Dr. A.K.Pandey, M.Com, Ph.D (HOD) View Profile
Dr. Wangda Gyatso Gyana, M.Com., M.Phil.,  Ph.D.
Ms. Pate Jumshi, M.Com, B.Ed.  View Profile
Mr. Tao Abo, M.Com, M.Phil View Profile
Dr. Likha Eichir, M.Com. M.Phil. Ph.D. View Profile
Ms. Geyir Ete, M.Com View Profile
Dr. Teshi Sohang, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. Chello Lima, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.


Welcome to the Geography Department

Geography is a unique blend of the basic and social sciences. It helps provide a wide range of information and understanding that is essential for making sense of a world riddled with problems of space and society, using the traditional approach of fieldwork, mapping and spatial analysis, complemented by the latest statistical methods, computer cartography, and Geographical Information System. This course creates an arena of opportunities for the academically inclined as well as for those students who explore options outside the subject after their degree courses in competitive examinations also. It also offers a number of rewarding opportunities in teaching at all levels of the education system.


Dr. Mrs. M. Bhattacharjee, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, (HOD)
Dr. (Ms) Helina Mantaw, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Mr. K. Lonchung,M.A, M.Phil View Profile
Mr. Tok Dominic, M.A View Profile
Ms. Nich Menia,M.A View Profile
Mr. Devadhar Sangdo, M.A View Profile
Mr. Talom Taloh, M.A. View Profile
Dr. Momme Mesia, M.A. Ph.D.



Welcome to the Economics Department

Major in Economics introduces students to the basics of micro and macro economics, quantitative techniques and other specialized areas like public finance, money & finance and current problems of the Indian economy. Graduates can opt for pursuing a Masters in the subject or specialized education at reputed business and management schools & Financial Economics.


Dr. A.I.Singh, M.A, Ph.D. (HoD)
Mr. Toku Chokio, M.A View Profile
Mrs. Gepi Jini,M.A View Profile