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Department of English

  1. Dr. S.K.Sharma, M.A., Ph.D (HOD)
  2. Dr.Bidyut Lochan Behera, M.A. Ph.D
  3. Dr. M.Q. Khan,M.A, Ph.D.PGCTE &PGDTE
  4. Mrs. Taw Azu, M.A, M.Phil (On study leave)
  5. Mr. Eli Doye M.A. (on study leave)
  6. Ms. Joram Renu, M.A.
  7. Ms. Yitu Murtem, M.A.
  8. Ms. Gyati Asha, M.A.
  9. Mr. Goli Nyodu, M.A.
  10. Ms. Tobom Nyori, M.A.
  11. Ms. Zenny Kamsi, (Guest Faculty)
  12. Ms. Bharti Mossang, (Leave Substitute)


Department of Hindi

  1. Dr. (Mrs)Vinita Tyagi, M.A, Ph.D
  2. Dr. (Mrs) Sonam Wangmu, M.A, Ph.D
  3. Mrs. Tumbom Riba, M.A, B.Ed
  4. Ms. Yanam Gapak, M.A. M.Phil
  5. Mrs. Mema Cheri, M.A.


Department of History

  1. Mrs. Omem Tayeng, M.A.(HOD)
  2. Mrs. Joram Rina Rijiju, M.A.(On deputation)
  3. Mrs. T. Yangjom, M.A, M.Phil
  4. Mr. Rubu Tani,M.A
  5. Mr. Mongol Libang, M.A.M.Phil
  6. Mr. Duli Ete, M.A, M.Phil
  7. Ms. Higio Nasum, M.A. (On deputation)
  8. Mr. Jimmy Camdir Tok,M.A


Department of Political Science

  1. Dr.(Mrs)S. Bhattacharjee,M.A, Ph.D (HOD)
  2. Dr. Genya Eshi, M.A.
  3. Dr. Kago Gambo, M.A.
  4. Ms. Bar Yakar, M.A.
  5. Mrs. Dombi Boje (Potom) M.A


Department of Geography

  1. Dr. Mrs. M. Bhattacharjee, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D, (HOD)
  2. Mr. Ashok Kumar, M.A.
  3. Dr. (Ms) Helina Mantaw, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
  4. Mr. K. Lonchung,M.A, M.Phil
  5. Dr. T. Tatak, M.A, Ph.D (On deputation)
  6. Mr. Tok Dominic, M.A
  7. Ms. Nich Menia,M.A

Department of Economics

  1. Dr. R.K.Mandal, M.Phil, Ph.D, Post-doc (HOD)
  2. Dr. A.I.Singh, M.A, Ph.D. (DHTE)
  3. Mr. Toku Chokio, M.A (On Study leave)
  4. Mr. Gumbim Noshi M.A, B.Ed.
  5. Mr. Iken Rumdo, M.A
  6. Mrs. Gepi Jini,M.A

Department of Education

  1. Dr. D. K. Padhi, M.A,M.Phil, Ph.D (HOD)
  2. Dr. (Mrs) M. Mohanty, M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
  3. Dr. (Ms) Bige Yomgam, M.A, Ph.D
  4. Mrs. Liza Mihin, M.A. B.Ed
  5. Mrs. Tage Ampa, M.A.

Department of Commerce

  1. Dr. A.K.Pandey, M.Com, Ph.D  (HOD)
  2. Mr. S.K.Sharma, M.A, M.Com, LLB
  3. Mr. Minto Ete,M.Com, M.Phil (DHTE)
  4. Mr. Agin Taboh, M.Com, M.Phil
  5. Dr. Joram Anu, M.Com, Ph.D (on deputation)
  6. Mr. Tao Abo, M.Com, M.Phil
  7. Ms. Likha Eichir, M.Com. M.Phil
  8. Ms. Geyir Ete, M.Com
  9. Ms. Pate Jumshi, M.Com


Department of Physics

  1. Dr. (Mrs) A. Panigrahi, M.Sc. Ph.D (HOD)
  2. Ms. Bandana Gogoi, M.Sc
  3. Mr. Hage Doley, M.Sc
  4. Mr. Gyati Tado,M.Sc
  5. Ms. Nyarik Ete (Guest Faculty)

Department of Chemistry

  1. Dr. N.Sahoo, M.Sc, Ph.D (HOD)
  2. Mr. N. Pramanik, M.Sc
  3. Dr.P.M.Singh, M.Sc, Ph.D
  4. Dr. Bhupesh Kr. Mishra, M.Sc, Ph.D


Department of Mathematics

  1. Dr. I.M.Dubey, M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D (HOD)
  2. Dr. K.K.Rai, M.Sc, Ph.D
  3. Dr. Taja Yaying M.Sc, Ph.D
  4. Mr. Riken Kaye (Guest Faculty)
  5. Ms. Jaryem Yomcha (Guest Faculty)


Department of Botany

  1. Dr. R.K.Mishra, M.Sc, Ph.D (HOD)
  2. Mrs. A. Tamuk, M.Sc.
  3. Mr. Joram Muthu, M.Sc (DHTE)
  4. Mrs. Y. Rimo, M.Sc.
  5. Ms. Priyanka Dutta, M.Sc.
  6. Ms. Ajum Bagang, M.Sc.

Department of Zoology

  1. Dr. P. Nanda, M.Sc,M.Phil, Ph.D (HOD)
  2. Mr. Bari Dabi, M.Sc
  3. Dr. H. Sharma, M.Sc, Ph.D
  4. Mr. Sange Dorjee (Guest faculty)
  5. Dr. Dobiam Narba (Guest faculty)
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