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VIDYA means ‘education and knowledge, Science and skill’, DADATI means ‘gives or imparts’, and VINAYAM ‘politeness and humility’. Vidya is both knowledge and power. It has inherent values as well as utility for life; it is illuminating and enlightening. It demands disciplined devotion to the pursuit of Truth. It develops in its votaries an attitude of tolerance, open-mindedness, freedom from prejudice, and hospitality to new ideas.In order to develop universal outlook , adopt racial tolerance and imbibe cross-cultural understanding and harmonious co-existence, what we need is Vidya. In the absence of humility, reverence for ideas, grace and charity at heart, it is impossible to learn from external sources.The fruit-laden tree with the load of its fruits bends with humility, so also the man with load of knowledge remains humble before others. Seeking knowledge with humility can empower us to eradicate evils like poverty, disease, ignorance, illiteracy, superstition, hatred, cruelty, injustice, fear and oppression from our society.As the civilized world marched ahead in pursuit of these goals, we ought to walk shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world. We need to work together with a sense of pride and commitment to work in this institution towards achieving this sacred goal of Vidya. But humility is imperative to achieve the goal.

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