Awareness of Counseling Psychology and the Significance of Counseling Service for the Graduate Studies




Counseling awareness, Counseling service, Psychological counseling, Undergraduate


The study focused about students' Mental Health Wellness from the psychological aspect and social psychological perspectives, as well as the study mainly investigated to identify challenges and complexities faced by the university students. In the study, the researcher was interested in exploring the following question: how important is Psychological Counseling in the university student community? The main objective of the study was to identify awareness among the university undergraduate community on Psychological Counseling. Because of the recent demographic and societal changes, undergraduates encounter several particular difficulties. The greatest degree of expertise in psychological counseling represented fewer than 10%. Up to 23% of the respondents had less in-depth understanding of the topic. Up to 27% of respondents seeking therapy at the institution are those with less knowledge. 33% of the students in the university's internal environment have suffered from some mental issue and 92% of students’ do not reach psychological counseling. Findings show the importance of conducting relevant programs for undergraduates in every year at the university and building up the awareness of counseling psychology.


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