Tribal Healthcare System in Kerala during the Pandemic




Care Centre, COVID, Tribe, Vaccination, Corona Virus


In Kerala, 36 Scheduled Tribe communities live in various districts. Wayanad has 35 per cent of the state’s tribal population. Out of these 36 tribal groups, Wayanad has eight major and three minor tribal groups. With the outbreak of COVID, the Government of India ordered a lockdown in March 2020 to protect people from the spread of COVID. In Kerala and Wayanad district, State Government initiated COVID prevention activities and awareness all over the state. To prevent COVID, the district administration started the corona tribal cell and coordinated COVID-19 activities. The main objective of the cell is to coordinate tribal health care issues related to COVID and non-COVID diseases during the lockdown period and also coordinate food support for the tribal people. District administration had fully engaged in protecting tribal health during the COVID outbreak by preparing an action plan and evaluation method. The objective of the study is to understand the tribal situation during COVID. It covers the changes in their livelihood, the ups and downs in their personal and social life, and the problems and challenges they faced during this process. For this study, the highest tribal concentrated Block of Wayanad district Kalpetta was selected. The state government and the district authority supported the tribal peoples during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce their grievances.


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