Hostel Administration & Rules


The Hostel Administration shall consist of:
  1. Principal - Chairman
  2. Advisor, Student's Union - Member
  3. Wardens of Boys' & Girls' Hostel - Member

These rules and regulations shall apply to all the boarders of Dera Natung Government College Hostels for maintenance of discipline and good conduct within and outside the Hostel premises.


  1. The College shall provide accommodation in its Hostels, to the students admitted to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce, subject to availability of seats.
  2. Every boarder must acquaint himself / herself with the rules and regulations of the Hostel. She / he must obey these rules strictly. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse.
  3. All Hostels shall remain closed during the period of semester break / vacation or as deemed fit by the College authority. During such break / vacation, boarders shall vacate the rooms of the Hostels. The room key and the key of the wardrobe and study table shall be returned to the Caretaker who in turn shall return the same to the Warden.
  4. Boarder(s) of a room or Hostel shall be responsible for any loss/damage of the property of the room/Hostel concerned, as the case may be.
  5. For any complaint and/or problem, boarders shall directly approach the Warden or may approach the Principal only with endorsement of the respective Warden.
  6. In case of any outstanding dues payable by any boarder at the end of each semester, the Warden may report it to the Principal to withhold his/her result until such dues are settled. If a student leaves the College without clearing the Hostel dues, the Warden may recover the outstanding dues from his/her Hostel security and caution deposit. If any amount still remains unrecovered, notices to his/her guardian shall be served who will finally be responsible to clear the same. Pending the recovery of the amount due, neither the result of the student will be cleared nor the clearance be issued.
  7. All cases of illness shall be immediately reported to the Warden.
  8. Fluorescent tubes/CFL for boarders’ room shall be supplied by the College only at the time of fresh admission to the Hostel. Replacement(s) of the same, for the allotted room, shall be the responsibility of the respective boarder(s).
  9. There shall be a Visitors’ Register in every Hostel accessible to visitors and monitoring of visitor record shall be done.
  10. No boarder shall remain in the hostel during the class room hours except with prior the permission of the Warden.
  11. Boarder going out on authorized tours or for participation in academic activities or games or sports etc. shall inform the Warden in writing before leaving the hostel.
  12. Boarder desirous of keeping expensive items, like personal computers, lap-tops, tape recorders, radio, camera, mobile set etc. shall do so at their own risk and the College shall not be responsible in any manner for the loss of such items.
  13. No licensed or unlicensed fire arms or any or lethal weapons including dagger etc. or any contraband materials whatsoever in any form shall not be allowed in the hostel under any circumstances. Breach of this Rule by any boarder shall result in not only expulsion of the boarder from the hostel but also rustication from the College.
  14. Any form of modification of hostel room is strictly prohibited.
  15. In addition to these rules, boarders are also governed by the rules, orders, instructions etc. issued by the competent authority from time to time


  1. A Student who has joined a regular course in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce shall be eligible for hostel accommodation for his/her course. However, the college authority shall have discretion to allot or not to allot the hostel accommodation to the students. The admission to Hostel for a Student is subject to the availability of seat. To avail the hostel seats the students shall submit the duly filled in application as well as declaration signed by the Parent(s)/Guardian at the time of admission for a semester. Mere submission of application does not guarantee admission in the hostel.
  2. Only regular fresh passed students and without back paper in their preceding semester are entitled to apply for Hostel Admission.
  3. A boarder shall apply for readmission after each semester to the Hostel and the Warden shall recommend the same if the boarder has (i) maintained good conduct and discipline during his/her stay in the Hostel and has (ii) cleared all outstanding dues including mess dues, if any.
  4. The boarder shall pay all the dues regularly, failing which the Warden may initiate disciplinary action, as per Hostel rules.
  5. A student shall deposit the prescribed fee(s) and occupy the Hostel seat within Three days from the date of allotment or within the date of allotment of the seat, failing which the allotment shall stand cancelled. The allottee may request for extension of time stating reasons. The Warden, if satisfied, may consider and grant extension for not more than fifteen days with intimation to the Principal.
  6. The boarders are required to pay the prescribed fees at the time of admission/readmission. The payment of fees for all boarders is mandatory and it is the responsibility of a boarder to ensure regularity of payment till he/she is a boarder of a Hostel.
  7. College has the right to reject a student from the Hostel admission on the ground(s) of safeguarding the interests of the residential community of its Hostel/campus.
  8. Allotment of the hostel room shall be made on the sharing basis, fixed by warden from time to time.
  9. Every border shall vacate his/her room within two days of the completion of his/her End-Term examination.
  1. At the time of admission of a student into the hostel and at the beginning of every year, each resident is required to submit a duly completed Personal Data Form. Local Guardian’s address and phone number is optional. Email of the student and parent should also be provided. Any change of address / telephone number of the parent / local guardian, at any point of time, has to be intimated to the hostel office in writing. The Personal Data Form can be obtained from Warden Office.
  2. The Hostel Administration will generally provide one study table, one chair for each occupant and one almirah (wall fixed or movable). On arrival a student will report to the Caretaker and will take possession of the room after signing the inventory of the furniture, electrical and other items in the room.
  3. Room once allotted to a student for an academic year cannot be changed.
  4. The Hostel Administration, in case of shortage of rooms, can allot more than the capacity of the room.
  5. If the status of any student changes during the period of stay in the hostel, he/she is required to inform the Caretaker/Warden immediately and should vacate the hostel. If the Hostel Administration finds that any hostel resident is not eligible for hostel accommodation and is residing in the hostel without due permission from the Warden, disciplinary action will be taken against such illegal occupants.
  6. Before vacating the rooms, the electrical installations including the fan should be handed over intact, in addition to the furniture to the caretaker. The student should fill up the Room Vacating Slip in duplicate and take no dues on one slip from caretaker. The no dues slip of Institute will be signed by Warden of respective hostel on countersigning of care taker.
  7. The inmate is not supposed to keep his belongings at Hostel Rooms after taking no dues slip from concerned Hostel. For temporary safe keeping of his belongings he/she may have to take written permission with list of his belongings from concerned Hostel Administration
  1. Application in prescribed form for withdrawal from the Hostel countersigned by the Parent/Guardian shall be submitted to the Principal through the Hostel Warden. Such application shall be submitted after all Hostel dues have been cleared. The College authority will strike out such name from Hostel roll.
  2. Merely vacating the room will not be considered as withdrawal from Hostel. In spite of the fact that the boarder has actually vacated his/her room, he/she shall have to pay all the Hostel dues including fines, till he/she continues to be on the roll i.e. until his/her name is formally withdrawn as per procedure (Clause 5.1).

Service of College Health Centre is not available. Therefore, any case of illness shall be reported to the Warden in written, who would arrange Ambulance, if needed.

  1. In the case of a boarder requiring hospitalization, the same shall be reported to the local guardian and his/her parents/guardians at respective home addresses. It shall be the duty of the local guardian / parent / guardian to take care of their wards. In case of emergency, an ailing boarder shall be shifted to nearest hospital by the College, as per advice of the Principal or Hostel Warden, on the condition that the expenses shall be borne by the boarder / guardian concerned.
  1. For seeking leave from the Hostel, the boarder must apply in the prescribed form or leave record book. After obtaining the signatures of the Local Guardian/Parent(s) on the prescribed form or leave record book, boarders are required to obtain the permission from the competent authority as mentioned in the leave record book before availing of leave.
  2. Absence from the Hostel without prior permission from the Warden is to be considered as an act of gross misconduct and would be liable for disciplinary action as per College rules.
  1. There is a provision to accommodate guest in the Hostel for a temporary period (maximum 2 days) with payment of prescribed fee on application in prescribed form. Approval of the Warden is a must in such case. Such guest will be accommodated either in the designated Guest Room or any available vacant room recommended by the Warden.
  1. Visiting hours of the Hostels: Working days: 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Holidays (including Saturdays/ Sundays): 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon and 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Visitor(s) should be received in the Visitors’ room (Common room in the absence of a visitor’s room) only. Under special circumstances, written permission from the Warden must be obtained to take visitor(s) to room.
  2. Any visitor entering the Hostel gate should register his / her name and other particulars in the Visitor’s Register kept for the purpose at the Hostel entrance.
  1. A boarder has to return to his/ her Hostel latest by 8:00 P.M.
  2. There may be exemption of the clause 10.1 for the boarder who is required to stay late in the work place, inside the College campus. Such boarder shall have to secure permission for staying out late. The boarder must have the recommendation of the respective Head of the Department/Warden. A prescribed form will be available for this purpose.
  3. Attendance will be taken at 9:30 P.M. each day by the any person appointed by the Warden. It is compulsory for each boarder to be present personally at the time of attendance. Appointed person shall inform Warden about any case of unauthorized absence (absence without proper intimation) of Hostel boarders immediately.
    1. Students/Boarders shall maintain discipline to create atmosphere of study on the Campus. Disciplinary action shall be taken against a boarder if he/she is found violating the rules and regulations of the College.
    2. All residents are required to always carry their valid Identity Cards issued to them by the Institute.
    3. The rooms, common areas and surroundings of the hostel should be kept clean and hygienic.
    4. Notices shall not be pasted on walls and walls shall not be scribbled on. Any violation will be dealt with appropriate fine.
    5. Rooms are allotted to each student on his/her personal responsibility. He/she should see to the upkeep of his/her room, hostel and its environment.
    6. Students should co operate in carrying out maintenance work and vacate their rooms completely when the Hostel Administration requires the rooms for this purpose. On such occasions, the management will try to provide alternate accommodation. If any maintenance work is to be carried out when the room is under occupation, it is the occupant’s responsibility to make the room available for the maintenance work.
    7. The resident of a room is responsible for any damage to the property in the room during his / her occupancy of that room and will be required to replace/repair at their own cost the damage, if any.
    8. The resident shall not remove any fitting from any other room or common area and get them fitted in his/her room.
    9. Boarders are advised to restrict in their room and avoid the visit of fellow/friends room unless it is necessary for discussion or exchange of notes.
    10. Visit to other room beyond 2300 hrs is forbidden boarders found other than their allotted room beyond specified time shall be dealt strictly.
    11. Consumption of liquor or drugs or smoking within the hostel/College Campus/are strictly forbidden defaulters will be dealt strictly.
    12. Playing of outdoor games within the plinth area of the hostel is prohibited in order to avoid damage to glass, panes, furniture’s etc.
    13. Hostel gates shall be closed at 2345 hrs and entry of the boarders in the hostel shall be permitted after recording the details in order to verify the reasons of delay. Boarders found without valid permission shall be dealt as per the rules.
    14. Boarder are strictly forbidden to keep/store, Lathi, Rod, Knives, bolder, crackers or fire arms either in their rooms or anywhere in the College Campus. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the erring students if noticed or bound during the visit of the principal or any other authorities of the College.
    15. Permission to allow boarders to keep two wheeler/four wheeler is generally dissuaded but in exceptional cases permission can be granted by the Principal/Warden of the College in the request of the parents if security norms are fulfilled. Boarder who are granted permission for keeping two Wheeler/four wheeler are required to obtain security clearance from Principal or Warden of the College for that purpose:
Certified copy or x copy of following documents are required to be submitted for permission of two wheeler/four wheeler.
    • Ownership along with Registration No.
    • Validity and fitness Certificate.
    • Insurance Certificate if any.
    • Driving License of the individual.
  1. Parking of vehicles inside the Hostel Campus is strictly forbidden. Parking of permitted two wheeler/four wheeler shall be done only in the notified area.
  1. All kinds of shouting, hooting, violent knocking or any other act of movement or behavior that is likely to cause disturbance or annoyance to others, not maintaining strict silence during study hours.
  2. Cooking inside the room, taking crockery or food outside the dining hall.
  3. The use of electric heaters, electric stove and other similar electrical appliances in the room.
  4. Any form of gambling inside or outside the campus.
  5. Playing of audio and visual systems inside the room or in the Hostel premises causing annoyance to other boarders and neighbors of the Hostel.
  6. Boarder staying outside overnight and/or unauthorized absence from Hostel.
  7. Unauthorized occupation of Hostel room other than the allotted room.
  8. Unauthorized hosting of guest in the Hostel.
  9. Any form of Public Display of Affection (PDA) inside or outside the College campus.
  10. Unauthorized collection of money inside the campus.
  11. Indulging in any unruly or indecent behavior, smoking, riding motor bike inside the College campus without helmet and/or at a speed beyond the permitted limit.
  12. Fraudulent use of Student Identity Card, email ID etc.
  13. Improper and irrational use of mass media, social media.
  14. Not keeping the rooms clean and tidy during the period of living and at the time of leaving. Keeping rubbish in places other than waste bins. Spitting in the Hostel premises.
  15. Displacing common room articles, dining hall utensils, furniture and other articles of the Hostel from their designated places without prior written permission of the Hostel Warden.
  16. Use incense sticks, candles, lamps for worship or for any other reasons in Hostel 10 Clause Offenses rooms unattended.
  17. Switching on lights and fans when the respective boarders is/are not in the room.
  18. Maltreating or physical assault, abusing and/or using foul language to any individual inside or outside College campus.
  19. Any meeting not related to Hostel affairs held in Hostel/Campus premises without permission.
  20. Participating in or promoting any disruptive activity in the campus.
  21. Possessing or keeping fire arms, weapons etc. in the Hostel.
  22. Possessing and/or consuming alcohol, poison, drugs and intoxicants of any kind inside as well as outside the College campus.
  23. Damaging, misusing and stealing of College property or property of other individual. This also includes writing and/or spitting on the walls, glass doors or on any other structure of the campus.
  24. Ragging in any form inside and outside the College campus.
  25. Mismanagement of College fund or attempt to mismanage.
  26. Committing insubordination or showing disrespect to the authority.
  27. Making false and irresponsible public statement on any College official, Faculty, Staff or outsiders and altering College records or attempting to do so.
  28. Hosting female visitor(s) in the rooms of the boarder in Boy’s Hostel and male visitors in the room of Girl’s Hostel.
  29. Unauthorized staying in the Hostel after completion of the course.
  30. Any other act of indiscipline as considered harmful and repeating major offense.

Based on the preliminary inquiry by the Office of the Principal/Warden/Student’s Disciplinary Committee, offender student/boarder (committing offense as per Clauses 12.1 and 12.30) shall receive punitive actions. The Office of the Principal shall consult concern Warden of the Hostel or other relevant person for confirmation of the offence and for further action based on the merit. Following action can be taken:

  1. Conduct probation for a specified duration.
  2. Fine of a specific amount.
  3. Expulsion from Hostel for a specific duration.
  4. Rustication from Hostel forever.
  5. Rustication from the college.
  6. Non-issuance of certificate of conduct.
  7. Cancellation of Degree Certificate.

Before a student is rusticated / expelled the procedures as laid down in the Clause.

  1. The effective date of rustication/expulsion will be the date when the order is issued by the Principal.
  2. Any disciplinary action taken against a student shall be intimated to the parent or guardian and local guardian of the student. The record of disciplinary action shall be mentioned in the files of the concerned student.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules, the Principal shall have the authority to institute an inquiry against any student (s) regarding his/her misconduct and shall execute appropriate disciplinary actions.

  1. All boarders of the Hostel shall automatically be members of the respective Hostel mess.
  2. Joining the mess is mandatory for all boarders in their allotted Hostel only. In no case boarders are allowed to join the mess of other Hostel either as a guest or permanently.
  3. The Warden shall notify from time to time for overall management of the mess.
  4. It is up to the sole discretion of the Warden, to manage the mess for the greater interest of the students.
  5. Meals and refreshments shall be served in the dining hall of the Hostel during the scheduled hours as notified from time to time.
  6. Guest of a boarder may be allowed to take meal in the mess by payment of a charge determined from time to time by the Warden.
  7. In addition to these rules, the Hostel Warden may frame specific rules and regulations for proper management and get approval of the Principal for proper implementation.
  8. No boarders shall ill treat or punish any staff of the mess or the hostel including a safai-wallah. Complaint against them shall be made in writing to the Warden who shell take appropriate action.
  9. In case of non availability of room in the Dining Hall boarder should wait for the change over, system of first come, first serve shall be followed in Dining Hall.
  10. Boarders are not permitted to enter into the Pantry. Kitchen etc, unless specifically authorized by the competent authority.
  11. Hostel mess fees are not refundable.
  1. A boarder who has been subjected to any punishment by the warden or other authorized officer may within two week of the order imposing punishment appeal to the Principal. The Principal, after being satisfied may pass necessary order in the matter. The decision of the Principal shall be final in the matter.
Appendix -1
Maintenance of Hostel Discipline

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions “indiscipline “ and “misconduct” in the hostel shall include the following and if the allegation of indiscipline/misconduct against a boarder is found correct, he will be liable to disciplinary action as indicated below:




A. Indiscipline in the hostel:  
1. Act of ragging in the Hostel Rustication from the College and an FIR with the police authority.
2. Leaving the hostel over-night without obtaining prior permission in writing. Warning and on repetition of this thrice, the boarder shall be expelled.
3. Irregularity in attendance in hostel and/or classes and default in payment of Hostel dues.


4. Accommodation of unauthorized guest in the hostel room.


5. Failure to inform about the number of guests during grand feast.


6. Failure to accept the membership of the Mess committee intentionally Imposition of fine at the discretion of Warden.
7. Taking meals frequently from outside while residing in the hostel A fine of Rs.100/- at least on each occasion.
8. Holding political meeting with outside bodies whatsoever in the hostel. Warning by the authorities and imposition of fine up to Rs.500/- Two such offences shall result in expulsion.
9. Organizing games, sport other programmes etc. without information the warden. Imposition of fine as shall be decided from time to time by warden.
10. Playing of music or musical instruments between 9.00 p.m. and 9. a.m. or during permitted hours with interfering sound


11. Use of air conditioner, electric heater etc. Warning by the authorities and imposition of fine up to Rs.1,000/-. When such mistake is repeated twice the boarder shall be expelled.
12. Change of seat in the Hostel without prior permission of the warden


13. Entertainment of guests/outsider without written permission of the warden Warning by the warden with a fine up to Rs.500/- Two such offences shall result in expulsion.
14. Smoking/chewing of pan Masala/Gutka/Tobacco Rs.100/- maximum up to two occasions subsequently expulsion from the hostel.
15. Damage in any form to the hostel property. Recovery of the actual loss, apart from the punishment as decided by the Director or the recommendation of wardens.
16. Remain in the hostel during the class hours without any prior permission. Warning by the appropriate authority. In case of repetition of such act thrice the boarder may be suspended from hostel pending inquiring in the matter.
B. Mis-behaviour in the Hostel:  
1. Manhandling or physical assault of any hostel or mess staff. Suspension from hostel pending inquiry. The punishment at the discretion of disciplinary committee.
2. Manhandling assault or battery of any one in the hostel premises


3. Removing any furniture or fixture of the hostel without permission. Rs.1000/- fine on each occasion. Repetition of this thrice shall result in expulsion from the hostel.
4. Abuse of drugs/indulgence in intoxicants. Expulsion from the hostel.
5. Keeping arms and other contraband material etc.


Hostel Rules (Download)