Overall University Topper Award

The students receiving the overall Under-graduate University Topper Award (Gold Medal) for securing the topmost position are as follows:

Sl. No. Name of Student Department/Subject Year
1. Ms. Dunya Buni Zoology 2013-14
2. Ms. Ruby Taid Zoology 2014-15
3. Ms. Abhisweta Bhatt Zoology 2015-16
4. Ms. Dekey Chumku Zoology 2016-17
5. Mr. Tah Sonam B.Sc. (Botany Hons) 2018-19
6. Ms. Hage Tunya B.Sc. (Zoology Hons) 2019-20
7. Ms. Tuliam Khoiyang B.Sc. (Zoology Hons) 2020-21
8. Ms. Zeya Parween B.Sc. (Physics Hons) 2021-22