Political Science

Welcome to the Political Science Department

The department of Political Science, DNGC, follows the course structure of Urdergraduate Political Science as prescribed by RGU. It envisages to acquaint the students with the various spectrum of the discipline covering its various perspective and dimensions of contemporary relevance. The course is divided into total six(06) semesters comprising of Twelve(12) papers. Of which semester 1st to 4th semesters students of Political Science, studies core papers viz., Political theory, Indian Political System, International Relations and Comparative Political System respectively. Thus they are acquainted with basic concepts, ideas, theories and major debates within national and international arena.

In 5th and 6th Semesters, which are reserved as major papers of the discipline comprising of four(04) papers each semesters. Students thus in 5th Semesters are taught Political thought-I, Dynamics of Indian Political System, Foreign Policy of India and Public Administration. In 6th semester, papers consist of Political Thought-ll, Contemporary International Relations, Political Theory-II, and Government and Politics in Arunachal Pradesh. Thus major papers enables the students a greater understanding, analysis of political events, ideological orientation and political dynamism of new times and prescribe possible solutions.

Besides, in 4th semester Skill based paper covers areas like Election and its processes, Consumer Protection Act, Right to Information Act etc. are taught for students awareness. Which ends with assignments and Project report etc.

The Department of Political Science consists of young and enthusiastic teachers committed to creating a democratic academic culture. At present, it has five permanent teachers with a wide range of interests and specializations. The Department has been very active in organizing seminars and symposia on issues of diverse interests. The participation of the faculty and the students on a regular basis in debates and discussions makes the Department dynamic and vibrant.

  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Suparna Bhattacharjee, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (HoD)
  2. Dr. Kago Gambo, M.A., Ph.D.
  3. Dr. Genya Eshi, M.A., Ph.D.
  4. Ms. Bar Yakar, M.A.
  5. Dr. Joba Riba M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Guest Faculty)
  6. Dr. Chalak Lowang, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Guest Faculty)