Outstanding Teachers Award

Outstanding Teachers Award is conferred by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, for the outstanding contribution to higher education in Arunachal Pradesh. The following teachers from D. N. Govt. College have been conferred with this award:

Sl. No. Name Department Year
1. Mr. Tomar Ete Principal 2007
2. Dr. P.C. Panda Geography 2007
3. Dr. S. K. Sharma English 2008
4. Mr. S. K. Sharma Commerce 2009
5. Dr. R. B. Tripathy Political Science 2010
6. Mrs. N. Sharma History 2011
7. Dr. M.Q. Khan English 2011
8. Dr. A. I. Singh Economics 2012
9. Dr. B. L. Behera English 2013
10. Dr. R. K. Mandal Economics 2014
11. Dr. D. K. Padhi Education 2016
12. Dr. P. Nanda Zoology 2018