The college has a separate open-access library building equipped with RFID technology for access to textbooks, reference books, magazines, journals and newspapers and a Reading Room which cater to the regular readers. The Library has a total of 31,094 titles which includes Govt. funded books, UGC-funded books and donated books.

The following guidelines are followed while dealing with library affairs:

Working Days and Hours
  1. The library remains open throughout the year except during vacations and holidays.
  2. The library remains open from 09.30 hours to 04.30 hours on all working days. However, the issue and return of books are done from 10.00 hours to 14.00 hrs.only.
  1. Once the student has taken admission in the college the student, they automatically obtain library membership as their smart identity card also function as their library membership card.
  2. The library membership expires with the validity of the Identity card.
  3. The ex-students and visitors do not have the privilege of using the library resources except with special permission from principal.
Issue and Return of Books
  1. The books may be retained by the borrowers for a period not exceeding 14 (fourteen) days. The books must be returned on or before the due date of return.
  2. A fine at the rate of Re. 1/- (One) per day per volume will be charged if the books are not returned within the due date.
  3. The reference books/periodicals are issued for use in the premises of the library only.
  4. When the borrowers are on leave, it is their responsibility to return the books on or before the due date either personally/ by registered post or through a reliable messenger.
  5. Any person found guilty of tearing or spoiling the periodicals or the books shall lose his/her privilege of using library and will have to replace the damaged reading materials with new ones at his/her own cost.
  6. The librarian reserves the right to re-issue or to recall an issued book at any time before the due date of return.
List of Books
  1. The Loss of books should be reported to the librarian immediately. The borrower shall have to replace the book by a new book duly approved by the Librarian within a period of 14(fourteen) days failing which he/she will have to pay double the price of the book.
  2. If a book is found defaced in any way, the last borrower of the book will be held responsible for such losses and will have to pay double the price of the book within 14 (fourteen) days.
Loss of Library Card
  1. A penalty will be imposed at the rate of Rupees 200/- from the card holder for issuing a duplicate smart card.
Reading Privileges
  1. The students should keep their books and other personal belongings at the main entrance of the library. They should sign the attendance register placed there.
  2. Perfect silence and order should be maintained in the library failing which the person(s) may be prevented from using library for specified period of time.
  3. The students should go through the notices issued from time to time and displayed on the library notice board and act accordingly.
  4. The books once removed from the shelf should be left on the reading table in order to avoid misplace from the order.
Change of Address
  1. Any change in the address of the card holders must immediately be intimated to the librarian to enable him to make any future communication.
Clearance Certificate
  1. At the end of VIth semester , in order to obtain library clearance certificate for receiving Transfer Certificate and Caution Money, the VIth semester students are required to return all the library books and their smart card to library.
Caution Money
  1. Amount of Rs 500/- deposited as library Caution money at the time of admission will be refunded to the student only after clearing all the library dues at end of their academic course.
Library Ethics for Students
  1. While leaving the library, the person should replace chairs very gently and quietly.
  2. In case the library staffs are to be consulted, the person should go to him and talk to him gently and slowly so that no reader is disturbed.
  3. Courtesy to the library staff will help transaction of library business peacefully.
  4. The suggestions or complaints, if any, should be put into the suggestion box placed in the library.
  5. Books and journals are permanent friends to all. They should always be treated with care.
LIBRARIAN : Ms. Landi Sumon, M.Li.Sc.