Student's Union

There is a Students’ Union in the college to maintain discipline amongst the students and to train them for sharing responsibilities of the Developmental activities of the students’ community, thereby, to become responsible citizens of the state. The election is held strictly in accordance with the regulations laid down in Lyngdoh Committee Report. The contesting candidates should go through the regulations before deciding to contest for any office.

Every student becomes a member of the union body after regular admission to the college and enjoys the right to vote and participate in union activities. The office bearers of the union are elected by secret ballot for the following portfolios:

  1. General Secretary
  2. Assistant General Secretary
  3. Secretary, Literary Activities
  4. Assistant Secretary, Literary Activities
  5. Secretary, Games & Sports
  6. Assistant Secretary, Games & Sports
  7. Secretary, Cultural Activities
  8. Assistant Secretary, Cultural Activities
  9. Secretary, Social Service
  10. Assistant Secretary, Social Service
  11. Editor, College Magazine

No other portfolio shall be officially recognized as there is no such provision in the Constitution of Students’ Union, DNGC)