National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)







The N.C.C. senior division (Boys’) wing is supervised by 1 APBN NCC based at Naharlagun with a part-time N.C.C. officer in the unit. The senior division Boys’ unit has 160 cadets, supplemented by senior Division Girls’ wing with 110 cadets. The N.C.C. is pledged to develop a sense of responsibility, discipline hard work and leadership in the lives of cadets for their motherland. Being trained under N.C.C the students enjoy additional opportunity to choose their future career in police, defence service etc.

Students opting for N.C.C. are to collect their forms from the N.C.C. office of the college and they are to submit the forms to the N.C.C officers (Boys & girls).

NCC Officers: 1. Dr. Likha Eichir 2. Mr. Goke Riji