A Pen from the Principal

Greetings to Everyone!
Indeed it is a joy to have been given this great opportunity to serve the prestigious institution of Humara Arunachal- Pyara Arunachal with this new responsibility where I taught with my heart and soul for approximately three decades. I hope to extend the journey of our college on the path of progress and greatness. It is my conscientious duty to ensure that the college remains for the students because my focus as a teacher has always been to inspire and serve the students. My this commitment and passion for teaching rewarded me with a consistent success as an Educator, Coordinator, Career Counselor, Organizer at the higher education levels with outstanding track record in assuring students’ success both in University Examinations and various Competitive Examinations. I am fortunate to be now in the position where I can listen to and solve the challenges that our students face and make this learning experience just a little more valuable and joyous.

College Life is a very crucial stage. This is why it is rightly observed: ‘No knowledge without College’. But this can be realized and transformed into reality only if you regard your college as a temple of learning; develop true love, attachment and belongingness to college as responsible and disciplined members of College Family.

The college is committed to the all-round Personality Development of our dear students through quality education to match the advancement in technology and globalization while making them fully conscious towards their duties to respect, preserve, propagate and promote our unique traditions and rich cultural heritage - as Loss of Culture is Loss of Identity.

Today, there is a throat cutting competition in every sphere of life - only a few emerge successful winners and achievers, while thousands and millions aspire.

Hence, channelization of human resources is a big challenge today as we are in the digital era- an offshoot of science and technology. We shall leave no stone unturned in transforming our college into a hub of academic excellence. In this pious mission, I have a dynamic vice principal, an energetic and experienced team of faculty members, sincere staff, talented students and outstanding alumni who are committed to take our college to new heights in the days to come. It is my constant endeavor to proliferate an environment of mutual respect within the college, in the pursuit of a shared ambition.

I encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Dera Natung Government College and involve themselves in all opportunities offered. The college enjoys the privilege in sharing that our students and Alumni have been playing effective and praiseworthy roles in nation building by contributing substantially in almost all spheres. The college has produced a large number of University Toppers, leaders including Ministers, M.P., MLAs Government officers in various Departments; Teachers at all levels including University, College and School; and Businessmen and Entrepreneurs. In Games & Sports and Athletics also a good number of our students have represented at the National and International Levels. Some of them are- Ms. Pinki Karki, Ms. Laa Yajum, Mr. Jokom Rebia, Mr. Laa Talar (Badminton) Ms. Nich Menia (Table Tennis) Ms. Jyoti Mane (Gold Medalist) Mr Nipen Gohain, Mr. Kemang Mantaw, Mr. Lowa Dolok, (Athletics) and dozens in Football, Volley ball, Martial Arts etc. besides many brought laurels in Art and Culture as successful Singers, Dancers, Actors, Film Makers etc.

Say a Big ‘NO’ to any kind of distraction, negativity, petty politics, bad habits or any such things that can harm you and your institution. Imbibe excellence and embrace the strength of Discipline, Knowledge, Confidence and Sensible outlook, Rational Thinking, Optimism and Positivity because these are the weapons that alone can empower you to conquer your goal and realize your dream.

Remember, college is our identity, we can hold our head high only if we take it to a new height and this is possible only if we prove our worth through improving our performance and don’t rest unless good becomes better and better becomes the best as we are heading towards autonomy under New Education Policy.

So, march happily through this academic year with hope, faith, and dreams to scale new heights. Wish you a Successful and Happy Stay at Dera Natung Government College!

Best Wishes for the Sweetest Success and a Happy New Year!

With Lots of Love,

Dr. M. Q. Khan
Dera Natung Government College, Itanagar