The Emblem


Arunachal Pradesh is a beautiful North- Eastern state of the Indian Union. The name of the state, aptly and literally, means ‘the Land of the Rising Sun’. The Sun at the centre of the emblem plays a prominent role in the lives of the people of the state. It signifies the intimate connection between the mind of man and the moving spirit of the universe. It is also a symbol of energy, positivity, hopes and aspirations. The vast mountain ranges in the emblem speak volumes about the topography of the state and the breathtaking scenic beauty they offer against the background of which the mosaic of culture of the state has flourished. Thus, the natural objects in the emblem inspire us all the more to live abundantly in close proximity with nature without harming its pristine beauty, and unleash the true potentials in us by seeking knowledge with utmost reverence for mother earth and with due cognizance of the ideas treasured in our culture, for a sustainable future.